In 2008, representatives of the Hollywood business community, in conjunction with local government officials, social service providers, the non-profit sector and the faith community began meeting on a monthly basis to discuss a shared commitment to ending homelessness. The group - Hollywood 4WRD (4 Walls, a Roof and a Door) aims to end homeless in Hollywood by 2018. The rationale is that it is less expensive to end homelessness than it is to manage it. Hollywood 4WRD also believes that ending homelessness helps to create a safer neighborhood for residents, businesses, visitors and our homeless neighbors.

In 2009, the Coalition conducted a “snapshot count” of the unsheltered homeless in a defined area that became the area of focus for Hollywood 4WRD.  Those boundaries stretched from Franklin Avenue on the north to Santa Monica Blvd on the south; La Brea Ave on the west to Western Avenue on the east.  The snapshot count revealed approximately 500 visible homeless people in that “box.”

This coalition collaborated to conduct the Hollywood Homeless Registry in April 2010, with help from Community Solutions and their 100,000 Homes Campaign.  Over 280 homeless neighbors were surveyed during that period (using an instrument known as the Vulnerability Index) and thus began the intentional effort to match our homeless neighbors to housing. 

After the Registry, community providers came together on a bi-weekly process to collaborate around how to house those on the database.  Thus, the collaborative “Hollywood Homeless Outreach Team” or HHOT was born.  This has served as a model for many communities looking to forge collaboration around outreach and case management. 

More recently, Hollywood 4WRD served as a demonstration project for the Home for Good Coordinated Entry System Pilot project in 2013.  This evolved into funding for member agencies to continue developing the Coordinated Entry System to more efficiently match homeless individuals with appropriate housing options.

The nerve center for the Coordinated Entry System in Hollywood is housed at The Center at Blessed Sacrament.

Who is Hollywood 4WRD?

Hollywood 4WRD is a “self-selected” coalition of the willing who come together approximately five times a year to share information, problem solve, establish advocacy priorities and build relationships.  We like to say there are “no B’s” associated with Hollywood 4WRD:

  • No Budget.  This is a grass roots coalition convened by volunteers.  We drink water at our meetings.
  • No Bylaws.  There is no structure to Hollywood 4WRD.  No officers.  No leaders.  No rules.  We are all united by a common vision and everyone does what they need to do to get the job done.
  • No Building.  We travel to different agencies for our meetings.  We tour each other’s facilities.  We have no expenses or overhead.

Participating organizations are listed below with a link to their websites.