Hollywood 4WRD is a grass-roots coalition representing service providers, government representatives, faith communities, businesses, elected offices, neighborhood councils, community members and the like. Our coalition has been in place since 2008, and we operate with a great spirit of collaboration and compassion to address the needs of our vulnerable neighbors, housed and unhoused.

In the face of our shared experience in adapting to the requirements to shelter in place – which has created massive disruptions in how we care for people – we are finding work-arounds by relying on each other and prevailing upon our local and state officials for help.  It’s all hands-on deck – and all creative ideas are welcome.

To that end, this website is repurposed to connect

  • Organizations to other organizations
  • Volunteers to places where they are needed
  • Supplies to those in need
  • Jobs if they are available

It will be updated as new information becomes available.  

If you have any questions about information on this web page, or would like to include a need or a resource on this page, please contact kerryhmorrison@gmail.com or devin@hollywoodbid.org.


  • The Hollywood Food Coalition serves a hot meal seven days a week; five nights at the Salvation Army location on Hollywood Blvd and two nights at Sycamore and Romaine. They need volunteers to assist with preparing and distributing food and will provide appropriate protective gear and practice social distancing protocols, for volunteers and people who arrive for food. Their numbers are increasing. Please respond directly to their website if you can help:  https://hofoco.org/
  • The American Red Cross and the Los Angeles Unified School District are seeking volunteers to help distribute meals to children and families effected by school closures. They need 160 volunteers per day to help in these efforts. Please consider signing up today.


  • The Center in Hollywood has created an Amazon wish list of supplies. Note from The Center: The Center is continuing to work toward its vision of ending isolation and homelessness, as we embrace SOCIAL CONNECTION despite the need to physically distance The Center is offering its mail, and information/referral service, and support, while also providing healthy non-perishable food items at both its Selma hub, as well as at the Hollywood ‘A Bridge Home’ site. The Center staff are also leading outreach efforts; working to assure individuals who are still unhoused have access to care, information, and necessary protective equipment. Please support The Center in its effort to curb the devastating impact of Covid-19 by purchasing from our Amazon Wish List or by financially supporting directly.
  • As a result of Mayor Garcetti’s announcement that the city would open up emergency shelters at parks and recreation centers, one shelter has opened up at the Hollywood Recreation Center at 1122 Cole Avenue. There are 26 beds there and they can use donations of new (not used) supplies including: blankets, sheets, towels, care kits (shampoo, soap, razors, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc) hygiene products, socks, t-shirts and underwear, address to come]. You can drop donations off directly at the center.

Participating organizations and their websites

Service Providers:

My Friend’s Place

The Center in Hollywood

The People Concern

The Hollywood Food Coalition

People Assisting the Homeless

A Community of Friends

Neighborhood Councils:

Central Hollywood N.C.

Hollywood United N.C.

Government representatives:

Council District 13 – Office of Mitch O’Farrell

Council District 4 – Office of David Ryu

Third Supervisorial District – Office of Supervisor Sheila Kuehl

LAPD Hollywood Division

Office of the City Attorney

Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority

Office of Mayor Garcetti – Homeless Services

LA County Department of Mental Health

Faith Communities:

Hollywood United Methodist Church

Church of the Blessed Sacrament

Food Pantry at Blessed Sacrament

Ecclesia Hollywood

Hollywood First Presbyterian Church

Business community:

Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

Hollywood Property Owners Alliance

Healthcare community:

Saban Community Clinic 

Kaiser Permanente

JWCH Institute – Wesley Health Centers


Three areas of need have been identified in the past two weeks:

Access to food for those who are housed

    1. Senior citizens who must shelter in place
      • Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council is coordinating volunteer calls into thousands of residences where people >65 are living.  Volunteers are mobilized to deliver groceries/medication/pet supplies.
      • Seniors are asked to call 818-738-9935 and a volunteer will respond or get back to them. They can also email:  relief@chnc.org
      • Meals on Wheels is also a resource. Phone number: 213-484-7775.
    2. People living in supportive housing
      • We are aware that there may be hundreds of people living in supportive housing the greater Hollywood area who typically may be able to shop in order to prepare their meals in their units. But because of their health conditions, limited access to public transport, or inability to get what they need at the grocery store, there needs to be a system created to help them access essential food easily. We are working together on a strategy to suggest.
    3. People living in board/care homes (AKA Adult Residential Facilities)
      • We are learning that operators of board and care homes, which already struggle under the weight of an insufficient daily reimbursement for providing three-meals a day and snacks, are finding it difficult to purchase food in bulk. We are working together on a strategy to suggest.

Access to food for those who are unhoused

  • Hollywood Food Coalition – operates five days a week at the Salvation Army at 5939 Hollywood Blvd. and on weekends at Sycamore and Romaine. The website provides details about hours.

Access to food bank resources for all

  • Food pantry at Blessed Sacrament.  Operates on Saturday mornings from 9 – noon


Here is a link to all LAHSA-provided handwashing stations in the county.


All of the nonprofits listed in the Hollywood 4WRD membership list would appreciate funding to support their emergency relief efforts at this time. Please reach out to them individually. Many of them have an announcement directly on their home page to announce changes in current operations and their specific needs.